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From the land of silk and sandalwood, comes a fine fabric fit for royalty. The Mysore silk saree is manufactured in Karnataka, which occurs to be one in every of the most important mulberry silk manufacturers with inside the country. It has come to emerge as one in every of India’s quickest selling, and maximum demanded handloom products. The vibrant (in colour) but subtle (in work) sarees with a clean texture, minimalist layout and wealthy experience make it an everlasting preferred for weddings and conventional ceremonies. Here’s digging a touch deeper into Mysore’s well-saved handloom secret.

Origin and history

The boom of Mysore silk sarees is credited to the reign of Tipu Sultan in 1785 AD. But what has kept the craze going is the quality of fabric, a combination of a 100% satisfactory silk and gold zari that comes collectively to create a wonderfully elegant piece of South Indian lifestyle for the discerning international fashionista.

Legend also has it that Maharaja Krishna Raj Wadiyar IV went to Britain to be part of Queen Victoria’s jubilee celebrations and became taken in with the aid of using the machine-made silk fabric that the British royalties donned. He then went on to reserve 32 energy looms from Switzerland and started out what’s now referred to as the primary manufacturing of machine-made silk sarees in India.

Weaving method

It became the Maharaja of Mysore who established the first silk manufacturing facility withinside the land withinside the year 1912 – the Mysore Silk Weaving Factory that is the country’s oldest silk production unit. This manufacturing facility is now owned with the aid of using the Karnataka Silk Industries Corporation (KSIC), a central authority enterprise, and solely manufactures Mysore silk.

This is followed with the aid of using diverse steps like soaking, twisting, wefting and winding. Once the winding is done, the yarn is prepared to be weaved. The weaving method includes sorts of looms – the Dobby loom and the Jacquard loom. It takes approximately 4 hours to make one saree and then the subsequent step – degumming – begins. Degumming enables to smoothen the fabric. The saree is then despatched to dye and wash.

The semi-dry sarees are steam ironed on a huge machine, and the saree is then reduce to the preferred length. Each saree measures approximately 5.5 meters and the pallu is made with an outstanding layout and has a blouse-piece cloth connected to it. Radhika sarees manufacture Semi silk sarees online and have the wide variety of sarees in wide range of price.

Special features

The maximum wonderful feature of the saree is the usage of genuine silk and gold zari which offers it an herbal sheen and wealthy texture. Since the sarees are completely synthetic and produced, every piece has a wonderful mark that helps you to make sure of the authenticity and long-lasting fabric.

The pleasant of silk additionally guarantees that the saree is self-maintained, so don’t be amazed in case you pull out an antique piece out of your mom’s closet and locate it to be as appropriate as new. Also, the apparent one-toned color units the saree aside from the relaxation of the goods withinside the market. You’ll recognize that it’s far an actual Mysore silk saree because of its easy layout and lustre that may be noticed from a mile away. Buy Online traditional sarees from the radhika sarees which provides the best quality of silk material sarees which are used in wedding functions.


The sarees have a standard, s color with gold borders and zari on them. While the conventional shades of orange, purple are famous, greater current inclusions are lilac, espresso brown and elephant grey.


While zari is the primary embellishment for those saris, motifs like mango buttis and floral borders are making an access onto Mysore silk sarees so that it will cause them to greater attractive and fashionable. Kasuti embroidery and Bandhani designs also are seen on the sarees.


From generating the conventional Mysore silk sarees, the enterprise has now spread out to fabric like crepe silk and georgette. The factor being that those sarees are less difficult to consist of on your ordinary cloth dresser as they’re visible as much less dressy and greater casual.

Current nation of the artwork

Today its miles expected that almost 35,000 metres of pure silk material is produced consistent with month and changed into stunning sarees, get dressed substances and dhotis. This makes the yearly manufacturing about 4,25,000 metres. In 2005, the artwork additionally were given Geographical Indication (GI) which guarantees that there may be 0 duplicity withinside the marketplace and extra focus approximately Mysore silk sarees.

Mysore silk sarees also are now synthetic consistent with a number of the fashion needs of buyers. For this purpose, KSIC employs NIFT graduates to innovate and layout those sarees primarily based totally at the trends.

How to identify a Mysore silk saree

Each Mysore silk saree has a completely unique code embroidered in a corner, which offers you:

  • The history of the saree
  • Details aabout its manufacturing
  • How many hours have been spent on it
  • The wages that the weavers received for the saree

That is one of the maximum telling signs and perfect manner to identify a unique from a fake.

You also can do a hint test. Rub the silk material together with your hands. If you sense warm temperature on rubbing it, purchase it. Artificial or artificial silk don’t provide the identical sense.

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